The Mudanzera Shipping is a shipping company packages to the Dominican Republic in general.

Our shipping company has offices in LAWRENCE, MASS well as in the city of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Thanks to the equitable distribution of our branches can offer an optimal service in sending packages and barrels from door to door.

We can take responsibility of sending their packages, barrels, Vehicles, Moving, etc, and we can ensure delivery of the same door to door using our extensive network of resources and logistics, with delivery 100% complete and safe GUARANTEED.

All our operations are supported through advanced and sophisticated communications technology, which allows us to immediately know the status of your package. It is also very important that you know that LA MUDANZERA SHIPPING considers its clients the heart of our company, so we work to provide guaranteed satisfaction with our work.

THE MUDANZERA SHIPPING is the fastest and most efficient package shipments to Domincan Republic from LAWRENCE, MASS, with over 20 years experience in the market. Which makes us understand the needs of our customers as we offer a personalized service for everyone, because for us the customer comes first.

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